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31 Dec. 2006 the following statement. was sent to as debate over  the Armenian genocide and Sivester Stallone possible project next movie project. Will “denverpost publish it remain to be seen. But here is what I sent:      Yes Stallone I give you my blessing even if it remain just an idea. I won’t portray the Turks as the bad guy. A wolf would eat a ram not because is a bad animal. It was the destiny of the Armenians to struggle for many hundreds of years caused to they way of see GOD. Nevertheless painting history as it was, will do justice and closure to both nations. Only the enemy of both nations or someone who cant draw a potato would object. Remembering you as “Rambo” might not be sufficient to be an artist. if you like my painting you might embrace my blessing and my spirit will protect you against any challenges as they will fight me first.

 Jan. 26 ‘07   Thanks Mr.Shantagizoum for recommending “Mamigon” Also thanks to other after my comment including Mr. Israel W Charny of Association.of Genocide Scholars. Yesterday a prominent Turkish Armenian called Hrant Dink was killed in Turkey. President Erdogan said that actually the 3 shoots was fired against Turkey and it’s the proper statement except that he was continually harassed and jail. There will be tens of millions of spiritual shoots against Turkey exactly when could hardly handle words,   Also on Hurriet USA of 19 Jan ’07  Mr. Savas Egilmez. of “For Struggle against Armenian Genocide” appear on the news as authority .Ottoman empire not only killed Armenians but went as much as Vienna and Italy. In the battle of Lepanto Turks did not exactly came to admire the beauty of Italy with some300 military ships …About history see Wikipedia that is free and genial invention with some 50 countries contributing. And on its way it killed probably as many Muslims as Christians  from Syria to southern cost of N.Africa As I see many anti Genocide are of Ammoniums names addresses (photos?) somehow remained me of Peter Sellers (Pink Panther series)  with “The old Anonymity ploy”  The job of a “crazy artist” very much like Hrant Dink, Vincent van Gogh Mel Gibson, Peter O Toole in Lavrence of Arabia (also dealing with the Ottoman Turkey) or Joan of Arc by Christian Duguay just to list a few movies that are successful regarding war between nations. But Armenian had their time of empire and glory long time ago, staring in 70BC till 1300 AD and somehow the bloody sword is givento different nations at different times as way of seeing which nation act better? A true artist never dies although he has to suffer during his short visit on planet Earth for having a  spirit within himself that most commons see it as unknown deadly danger.As successful historical movies are very hard to make due to all kind of costs. Very much like a painting it involves content, composition, color ,etc and then to make it live the MUSE has to touch it.A good example would be War & Peace By S. Bondarchiuik written by Tolstoy. With present technology the cost might be reduced to some 40 M. After all it was a much smaller battle than Borodino.   Also I recommend  an endorsement by Armenian, Turkish, Jews, Italians, Russian French  other nationals might sign at end too even if the list is 15 minutes long and contain fragments of national music in order of presentation.      The effort of creating peace is getting much harder,  humans don’t need other war to see their planet destroy itself thanks to scientific progresses. If the movie present the war as it was Peace might follow, or as I first said  even if it remains an idea somehow the movie is made and I am sure that Franz Werfel the creator of the book would smile and rest in Peace and Thanks Stallone once called “Rambo


GALLERY GUIDE, Nov. 1999     “Sometimes when I paint, I feel myself very much like a cook, but instead of using salt, pepper, onions, and garlic, my ingredients are color, content, composition, style, etc. And although people do have different tastes, most would agree that too much salt or pepper could ruin a dish.

In  the age of the internet the rules of exposure are about to be changed 360 degree. Artists and Criminals are in for instant recognition as the TRUTH is reduced to pure essences.   Published,  April, 2000

   Visual art has to do their own silent speaking. First on the wall of the show then on the wall of the owner. internet had solved the exposure, philosophy contact etc . The life of an artist tested to all kinds of deadly waves, whether he/she becomes a spirit or just dust is visible to very few.                  June 5, 2011



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