Stew Ellington-   oil/acrylic painOriginaltings addressing themes of language, identity an

Connie Dornberg  


Michael Schlicting

Japan’s Hamanaka Daisaku

Joseph Matar - Lebanese

 Pol Ledent  

Natasha Carr’s 


UK’s Mike Knight

W.den Broeder-

Mark Clemage-nudes, landscapes, portaits

 Dany Gras

Leif  Nilsson           Impresionists I personaly knew as a good artist dedicated to

Taline Avedisian-

James Gucva Pegasus Gallery

 Magda Francot



Vitali Komarov Russian / Czech Republic

Walter Burt A

Holand’s  Jo Williams

Hiroshi Matsushita,

Asbjorn Loving -Denmark

Steve Denberg’s ThinHippo

Manuel Jodar - Spain

Zen Zien- Japan/ German/ Canada

Gregory Marcel     Compagnon   

Lisearan  paintingdirect.com

Chen Jigun  China 

 Happenstance directed  Laurent Fiorde

Favorite MOVIES/ (started in 2005 ) Some have totalty unecesary nudity and sex scenes/ 

CANADA  Atom Egoian The Adjuster Denis Arcard   Les invasion barbares

 RUSSIA   Sergei Bondarchiuk War and peace  also check Russian Movies Directory. As I had seen many in my 20 years in Romania I failed to fully appreciate their quality but I hope to mention some of them in the near future. Vitaly Kanevsky “Freeze Die come to life”

HOLAND  Theo Van Gogh   1-900  Holand Grand son of the faumous painter unfotunaly killed  Vincent Van Gogh  HOLAND

Claude Chabrol  “Great Director “The Boucher, This beast must die Madame Bovary, Les Biches,  The Unfaitful wife, The rupture, Nada, Mercy pour la chocolat,           

CLaude Berry  Jean de Florette, Manon of the Spring 1986 a masterpice after a novel by M. Pagnol ,  TheHousekeeper, La  Separation with Gerard Depardio and Daniel Auteil

Roger Vadim.  Dangerous Liaisons

Alain Corneau All the mornings of the world

Yves Angelo  Colonel Chabert after H. Balzac

Peter Sellers  Greatest Comedian of all times UK

 Vages of Fear / Yves Montan/ Diabolique

Pedro Almandovar movie dir. SPAIN

Eric Rohmer  Four adventures of Reinete and Mirabelle

Milos Forman  Amadeus, Great Movie abot the life of W.A. Mozart

Clint Eastwood The good,the bad and the ugly

NORWAY / SWEDEN  Nils Gaup The Pathfinder (Le Passeur)  also  Erik  Skjoldbjaeg “Insomnia” and Philip Ogard  for Kitchen stories 2003

Marcel pagnol   Writer,director, historian  My father’s glory my Mother Castle, Jean de Florette

Francois Truffout   Shoot the piano player, 400 Blows, Confidantialy yours

Charles Bronson actor / Death Whish

Peter Jackson  The lord of The Rings trilogy NEW ZELAND

Mell Gibson director actor “The Passion of Christ”  Bravehart


Patrice Leconte ’s Intimate Strangers ‘02 with  Fabrice Luchini (he played the lawyer in Colonel Chabert)

Charles Aznavour   France / Armenian singer/actor

USA  Movies tend to be more on fiction and spectacular rather than real life but some have made and about to change that aspect will mention more later

Michael Cacoyanis Zorba the Greek “with Anthony Quinn   GREECE / USA

Alfonso Arau “Like Water for chocolate” MEXICO

 BRAZIL  Walter Sales “Central Station”     and A. Waddington/ The housde of sand ‘05

David Sutherland The Farmers wife, Country Boys on PBS (Ch 13) 2006

Peter O’toole in David Lean : Laurence Of Arabia, Night og the Generals, Joan of Ark Suberb Irish / international personality

ITALY Vittorio De Sica great MOVIE DIRECTOR (after the Fox) Actors: Marcello Mastroiani Divorce Italian Style, Everybody’s Fine,  I remeber.       GianoCarlo Gianinini The Seduction of Mimi

Max Von Sydow:The OX, Private Confesions, The Exorcist Pele the conquerer SWEDEN

SCOTLAND Peter Mullan  Orphans’97 ,Magdalene Sisters

Sylvester Stallone Rocky,Rambo,abot to make The Musa Dagh after Franz Werfel

Saul Steinberg


Kirk Douglas   Spartacus

Arnold Schwarzenegger actor and great Governator of California USA also great to be USA President

Cedric Klapish   The Spanish apartment/ L’aubege espagnole with A.Tautou,Romain duris, Cecile de France, Judith Godreche, Kelly Reilly

JAPAN       Akira Kurosawa   Rushmond, Seven Samuray, Throne of blood, Sanjuro, Yojimbo, Kagemusa, Run Dersu Uza   Masaki Kobayashi    Harakiri, Samuray rebelion              HIroshi Inagaki   Chushingura, Samuray baners  Samuray trilogy  Kaneto Shindo   Onibaba       Kenji Mizouguchi Ugetsu, Sansho the bailiff , Taira clan saga , Life of Oharu,  The 47 Ronin  Kihaki Ocamoto Sword of doom, Samuray assasin       Teinosuke Kinugasa Gate of hell    Takashi Shimizu  Ju-On          Hideo Nakata Ringu Yukihiko Tsutsumi 2 LDK   Shion Sono  Suicide Club ‘02  Toshiro mifune Great actor   Tatsuia Nakada Great actor      Kon Ichikava Odd Obsesion                                                                                                                      Kore Eda hirokazan  / Nobody knows (2004  )                                                          

Claude Miller /Alias Betty “02

Cristophe Honore/ (X) Ma mere with Issabele Humpert

Christian Carion/ Girl from Paris ‘01

Eric Valli / Himalaya ‘00

GEORGIA/ FRANCE Gela Babuluani/13 Tzametyin in b&w 2005

GERMANIE   Wolfgang Beckener / Good by Lenin

BELGIA Lievrn Debrawver/ Pauline & Paulete

Gabeirl Axel Babete feast /DANEMARK

CHINA  Wu Tianming The king of masks 1996

Chris Menges / The lost son ‘99

Bruno Dumond  / Humanite ‘99

Francis Lagneau

Dr Jack Kevorkian

Gilberte Vermulen



avdj.org/ scott dodson






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